Safety is a core value and is at the very foundation of Gerald Martin’s culture.

Safety. First. It’s more than just a slogan; it’s an approach to doing business that guides our company in every endeavor. Excellence in safety is a cornerstone of our business, and our commitment to the highest safety standards is what sets our company apart. We not only insist on safe practices, we partner with our subcontractors and clients to reach safety solutions which promote clean, safe jobsites at the best value to the owner.

Gerald Martin maintains one of the lowest Experience Modification Rates (EMR) in the region, allowing us to pass along labor and cost savings earned through safety performance to our clients. With a full time Safety Director and a team of dedicated on-site safety personnel, Gerald Martin maintains a level of efficiency and accountability few contractors can provide.

Setting the standard of excellence, Gerald Martin was one of the first contractors in New Mexico to achieve CHASE Partnership banner status. As a Blue Level participant in the Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) Partnership, Gerald Martin is continuing to lead the way in making New Mexico one of the safest states in which to work.

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